The Benefits of a Back Facial + My First Experience 

Yes, you read that right, a back facial or in the words of my childhood friend “bae-cial”. If you’ve ever had a back massage you’ll love this and if you haven’t then making the decision to get a back facial may be your smooth introduction to get one. 

I had my first facial in March of this year and as my knowledge of the importance of skincare has grown so has my interest in various skincare treatments. When I think of skincare I think of the my face and hands because that is mainly what people see but it’s so much more than that. Skin is the largest organ of the body… I won’t get skin deep here but with all that being said I had to get a back facial. 

So what’s included in a back facial?

Cleansing, hot towel product removal, steaming and exfoliation and moisturizing.

A steamer is used to open pores before the removal of blackheads and postures (pimples) on the back. Exfoliation is done with a mask that included exfoliant beads. 

The back facial lasted for about 55 minutes and is a skincare facial I highly recommend. Plus, it’s incredibly relaxing! This would be great to do for the summer season. You will enhance skin health and promote clearer skin for this focus area of the body. 

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