Why I Use Planner Pad


The Planner Pad has changed my work life balance in a major way. If you’re a list lady like me you’ll love this planner and all the space it has to offer you. 

I love to see my to do list, week and month in front me and this version of Planner Pad gives me that and more. In my undergrad years it was imperative for me to learn how to manage my time better. I quickly learned that I needed to find a system that worked best for me and a visual learner this helped me a great deal.

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After consistently using a planner I can’t live without it. If you would like a visual aid on how to use a planner effectively comment below.

So I guess you’re wondering how I got hooked on Planner Pad? My previous supervisor ordered me a planner pad for a full year of work. I needed something bigger than the one I had and this one has:

  • more space to write
  • organized group sections
  • see my plans for weeks and months a head at a time

 Upon opening it I instantly fell I love and have never looked back (At-a-Glance is great too!).

See more planner pads here.

*this is not a sponsored post, all thoughts are my own.

    Holiday Style Must-Haves

    Tis’ the season to bring out all of your festive, fancy and fun wardrobe items. I’m sure you will be attending tons of fabulous holiday engagements so of course you have to look good! Right? I mean, that really isn’t debatable!

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    I have the perfect pieces to help you look stunning over the holiday season. Here’s what to expect: faux fur on faux fur on faux fur, leather or pleather (your choice), neutrals and tons of glitter and sheer! Have to have some sheer pieces too!

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    Talk About it: 3 New E.L.F. Cosmetic Flavored Exfoliators


    E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator in Clear and other featured products from this company.

    E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics has been one of my favorite drug store brands for some time now. The items produced from this line are inexpensive and work as great dupes for many high-end products.

    When I wear matte lipsticks/glosses (which is often) I love to use E.L.F.’s exfoliator lipstick in Clear. It has a sweet taste and the line also features more flavors: Sweet Cherry and Mint Maniac for $3. This lip exfoliator been a beauty staple I use to keep my lips smooth and moisturized. It also gives my matte lip looks a flawless finish.

    Check out these 3 NEW exfoliator lipstick flavors in Pink Grapefruit, Rose and Coconut here.

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