Holiday Talk List: Glam Gifts under $50

Holiday Image | TheJasTalkThe holiday season is upon us and I’ve gathered 20 plus items for holiday gifting. These items are perfect stocking stuffers for all girls who love fun and fabulous items. Oh and everything JasTalk Worthy that is!  They’re all together cozy and chic topped with a touch a glam. I even included some beauty kits if you have indecisive moments like me and can’t pick just one. I hope this list will give you some great gifting ideas and keep you from the hassle of waiting on long lines.

Shop these holidays gifts that are perfect for stocking stuffing below:

What are your favorites shown in this list?

How to Find the Perfect Red Lipstick

Profile with Russian Red | TheJasTalk

Wearing Russian Red without lip liner.

Finding the right red lipstick can be a challenge. It’s either too bright, too dull or just not the “golden ticket at all in some cases due to my undertones. I usually have at least 1 staple lipstick as my 3 everyday makeup essentials, so when I find one I love, I stick with it. Especially, this one and the other two colors featured in this post.

I have to admit that formula and consistency matters too. I tend to pick up matte lipsticks because I love long wear cosmetics but creamy consistencies are never far from my reach. If you’re into mattes like me, try Mac’s Russian Red (see it live here). Russian Red never lets me down when I want a nice vibrant pop.

Don’t know if you’re warm or cool toned? Take this undertone quiz from PopSugar (my results confirmed I’m warm toned).

Identifying your undertone will help make finding the perfect red lipsticks and other colors easier for you.
img_8005 Revlon ColorBurst is a line that I first fell in love with my senior year in undergrad. Standout (number 250) is a keeper. The product is a matte balm that spreads very easily, has a much creamier consistency compared to Mac’s Russian Red and works best with a liner. My suggestion is to use Revlon’s Cherry liner. Using a lip liner will keep lipstick all in one place and create a longer wear time.

Shop my favorite red lipsticks by clicking the images below.

Are you cool or warm toned? Figure this out and your makeup and clothes matching problems will be life-changing.

DIY Calming Rose Facial Mask


It’s no secret that roses are beautiful but did you know that they can help enhance your beauty too? There are many benefits to using roses as they are moisturizing, naturally fragranced, an anti-inflammatory and can tone and cleanse your skin. (more…)

18 Lace Tops to Upgrade your Sexy

lace top TheJasTalkA little lace never hurt nobody!

Last spring I purchased a pink crop top with a lace embellishment on the bottom and loved it! The crop top style was something new for me and the added lace made me feel incredibly dreamy. See the full style post here. (more…)

Give Major Cold Shoulders with these 8 Dress Styles

cut-off-shoulder-dress-thejastalk-comGiving the cold shoulder just got better with this fun, shoulder-baring dress style. Okay, when was giving anyone the cold shoulder a good thing? I know but with a cut-off shoulder dress style, I am here for it! This look is both classy and sexy and to be honest I am obsessed with this style in any that it comes (shirts included). (more…)

3 Everyday Makeup Essentials

Whether you’re someone who hits the snooze button one too many times before actually getting up or you’re an early bird with more time on your hands in the morning… I have 3 Everyday Makeup Essentials for you. (more…)

[Review]: Honest Face Tinted Moisturizer

This summer I attended #blogspace New York (read more about it here) and I received two Honest Face tinted moisturizers from Cosmedicine in my tote bag aka curated swag bag. The colors were in medium brown and dark. I had never heard of this company before so of course I did a little research and found out that this product had been featured in magazines like (more…)

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