How to Clean Makeup Brushes [6 Helpful Steps for a Flawless Application]


The cleaner your brushes are the cleaner your makeup results will be! It is a fact!! Well, maybe its my personal fact because its what works for me. Having cleaner makeup brushes will help prevent acne breakouts and can help you achieve a more flawless makeup application.

The photograph above shows a few of my favorite makeup brushes. They are mostly from BH Cosmetics, one is from Natural Beauty and the other is from Avon.


I try to clean my makeup brushes every Sunday. This helps to ensure that I will have a fresh set of brushes to apply my makeup for the upcoming week.

Here are the steps I use to wash my makeup brushes:

  1. Rinse brushes in lukewarm water to help remove most of the make up.
  2. Apply brush shampoo to the brush bristles. [ You can view the brush shampoo I use here]
  3. Massage the brush shampoo into the middle of the brush bristles ( This step is important because majority of makeup accumulates in the base of the makeup brush head).
  4. Rinse the brushes and repeat the following steps at least two times for each brush.
  5. Spread out the brush bristles to re-shape them to the original brush form
  6. Lay brushes flat on paper towel to dry overnight.


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to clean your make up brushes, use Dawn Dish Liquid Soap!
I usually hold my brushes when using the listed steps but you can also try this! Mix your choice of brush cleaner in a small bowl with lukewarm water. After stirring, simply soak your brush bristles in the solution for 10-15 minutes and use steps 4 through 6.

Happy brush cleaning!!


Weekend Beauty Buys [Ulta x CVS]


I found myself for the third weekend in a row purchasing beauty products.

Let’s just say that it was in celebration of the new month and spring!!

I purchased Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm (Shameless 215) and Ulta Glitter Eye Liner in Purple from Ulta. The Wet n Wild megaslicks Balm Stain (Rico Mauve 126), Wet n Wild color icon eyeliner Purple/Violet , Wet n Wild color icon brow and eye liner in Mink Brown and Wet n Wild color icon lip liner in Brandy Wine, I purchased from my local CVS.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 9.22.02 PM

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm (Shameless 215): This matte balm was a MUST-HAVE!!!  I have been eyeing this matte color for so long! If you have read some of my previous posts on lip colors, than you know matte lip products have become my new favorite thing! I am in love with this color!! Why didn’t I buy it sooner?

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.29.52 PM

Wet n Wild megaslicks Balm Stain (Rico Mauve 126): Beautiful color that could be worn everyday!  I was not expecting the color to be as light, but it still will work with my skin complexion. This color has a lot more luster than the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm. Super excited to wear this out!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.27.51 PM

Both balms are very moisturizing and glide on smooth!! They also have a tingly feeling after application.

Look out for these balms featured in an upcoming makeup look on my blog instagram.

This Week’s Nail Color [ spring where art thou?]

It is time to start pulling out all of the spring nail polish colors you had stashed away all winter!

The spring season will be here in 19 days!

March 20th cannot get here fast enough, I am desperate for consistent warm weather!!


In preparation for the spring season, I chose Belle of the Ball by Confetti and Papa-Papparazzi from Wet n Wild‘s Nail Polish line, Spoiled.


Both Confetti and Spoiled are great brands of nail polish. It has been a total of six days from my initial polishing date and my nails still look good!!


What nail polish colors are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

New York Urban Makeup Look [ e.l.f Matte Red Lip Color x Smoky Eye]

I miss traveling adventures in New York City.


I would love to storm the busy streets with a pair of black leather knee-high heel boots, a black trench coat and of course the latest fashion trend, black leather pants! Hmm, sounds like a future Jas Looks post to me! [Smirks] Here is my NY urban inspired makeup look.


Lately, I have been having the time of my life playing around with makeup.


My lip color is e.l.f.’s Matte Red Lip Color (Rich Red) blended with Wet n Wild’s Black Black liner. You can view more on this matte lip color here. The color is a little darker than the color shown in the photograph.


Matte colors have become my new makeup obsession!!!


E.l.f.’s matte lip colors are long-lasting and super moisturizing! I just wish they had more of a variety of colors that work with my skin complexion!

I think this might be my first time accomplishing a semi-smoky eye look that I love!

I used white shimmer powder on the inner corners of my lids and a black shadow from my BH Cosmetics 120 Palette. The lashes are from e.l.f. ‘s Essential Dramatic Lash Kit.


I concealed and highlighted with Selma Hayek’s Nuance Front and Center Concealer and Brightener (Deep 285). Such a great product!!!

Definitely, JASTALK WORTHY!! Expect a review on this product soon!

To contour I used a brown shadow from my BH Cosmetics 120 Palette.


Do you like this look?


Revlon Nail Stay Nails Are a Fail


Nothing is worse than being excited about trying a new product and it not meeting your expectations. Revlon’s Nail Stay Nails in Revlon Red are such a vibrant and sexy red color. I wanted my hands to look sexaay, so I purchased them without a second thought!

Unfortunately, a lot happened in just three days of having these nails on. The color began to fade, there were nail chips and two nails popped off.

OH, how I wish they stayed as beautiful as they looked when they were fresh out of the package.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.04.20 AM

The package contains 24 Nails in 12 sizes, Nail Stay Bond Enhancer and Nail Stay Maxi-Bond Glue.

You can purchase this brand of artificial nails from CVS or your local department store for $8.49.

Thankfully, I found these on a day of thrifting and purchased them for only $1.50.

Here is my list of the product pros and cons:

PROS: Beautiful and vibrant color, easy to put on.

CONS: long length, color fades and chips after one to two-day wear, not enough of the same size nails, nails are flimsy.

If you look closely in the photograph below, you can see the color fading on my thumb nail. Also the nail shine is beginning to become dull.


 Revlon Red Stay Nails are perfect for a one to two-day nail wear. I would even say you could get a one week wear out of them, if you try hard.  I think the nails came off so quickly because of the length of the nails and the type of plastic the nail is made up of.

The package states that the “color looks just applied for up to two weeks.” In my case this is not a valid statement AT ALL! I was unhappy with the way the nails looked so I made a few changes to them 🙂

I trimmed the nails down and added Wet n Wild’s Shiny Top Coat to make them look more lively!

They look a lot more natural now and I GOT MY SHINE BACK!!!


I will not be purchasing this brand of nails again but they were great while they lasted!

Even if it was for only three days *smirks*

REVLON Nail Stay Nails are a Fail!

Rihanna Can’t Remember to Forget You Make up Tutorial

On Valentine’s day, I posted my Rihanna inspired make up look from the Can’t Remember to Forget You music video. You can view this post here. This video is a tutorial of what I did to achieve this look. This video is shortened because my camera died. Sorry!! Hope you enjoy the video! SUBSCRIBE LADIES and let me know what you think!

Mini e.l.f. Haul

E.L.F. (eyes lips face) products are one of my favorite cosmetic companies to purchase items from. Not only are the products less expensive but you really get more bang for your buck! All of the products I have purchased from them have made me look and feel fabulous after applying! I guess this why I cannot resist buying at least one thing, every time I see e.l.f. in black and bold letters. Yesterday, I went to my local supermarket to pick up some items and bumped into an E.L.F. stand! I literally almost ran my cart into it! *smirks*

E.L.F. StandThe stand had products ranging in prices from one to three dollars!


I could not resist the temptation of getting something! Listed below are the items I purchased and the total cost:


 Small Stipple Brush ($3.00)

I was swooning over this brush by the way! I have been wanting a stipple brush for so long and did not want to spend an excessive amount of money on it.


Matte Lip Color in Rich Red ($3.00)

I seen this and my mouth dropped open. If you read my product review on my last e.l.f lip color purchase, than you know I have been on a hunt to find a matte red since before Christmas. I cannot wait to try this lip color!!

See my e.l.f. product review on Matte Lip Color Tea Rose here.


I just realized that there is a hidden sharpener at the bottom. That makes this product even better! WHO KNEW!!


Mechanical Eyelash Curler ($1.00)


Brush Shampoo ($3.00) IMG_9425

I recently ran out of my Mac Brush Cleanser, so I am super excited about trying this brush shampoo.

I am glad this stand has been added to my local supermarket. Cheers to a great mini e.l.f. haul!

Talking Beauty: How to get Smoother Lips

Most women want to have the appearance of smooth, kissable and pillow-plumped lips. Well maybe not too much plump, but hopefully you catch my drift.


Applying lipstick can become extremely frustrating if your lips are peeling and appear to be chapped. There are a variety of ways to exfoliate lips. However, this is the method I use to get my lips super soft.


  • 1 Toothbrush
  • Olive Oil or Vaseline
  • Your choice of lip balm

Keeping your lips moisturized year round will help maintain softness and the overall appearance of your lips. It can be difficult to keep lip balm for a long period of time without losing it. [Smirks] Been there done that a million times! Next time you purchase one, buy an extra!!


In addition to applying lip balm regularly, EXFOLIATE!!! Get rid of that dead skin and make your lips look alive and fresh!

Simply take a dry toothbrush, apply a small amount of Olive Oil or Vaseline to the brush and then exfoliate your lips. This should be done before applying your desired lip product. Be sure not to brush to hard and always hydrate your lips with lip balm after. I usually do this before doing my make up to prep my lips.

You can also use Olive Oil, Vaseline, Shea Butter or Coconut Oil to moisturize your lips as well. View my January favorites here.

Kiss dry and peeling lips goodbye! MUAH!

January Favorites

I am tad bit late on this post but hey, better late than never!

Here are my favorite beauty products from January 2013.

Fit Me 350 and Mac Mineralize Finish.

Fit Me 350 and Mac Mineralize Finish.

The product shown in the photograph is Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Dark Deep) by M.A.C. This is one of my staple products and has been one of my favorites for over a year. Its lightweight and literally looks and feels like I have NOTHING on! It  gives my skin a more even tone and a beautiful glow. I can sweep this across my face and have flawless skin in minutes!

Fit Me 355.

FIT Me 350  and FIT ME 355 by Maybelline  are the foundations shown in photographs. These foundations blend well, they are not sticky and are another lightweight cosmetic product. The only down side for me with Maybelline’s Fit Me line is I have to alternate between the two colors or combine them. I have not found an exact color in this line that matches my skin tone. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend purchasing this brand of foundation.

Winter calls for a high need of moisturized lips! My two favorites for January were Coconut Oil and Burts Bee’s Honey Lip Balm. See other ways to use Coconut Oil here.

Both products are 100 percent natural and have protected my lips from the frigid cold in Pennsylvania and heat while I was away for 3 weeks in South America.

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