How Leading Others isn’t as Bad as You Think

Leading others isn’t as bad as you think! Yes, I just said that for those of you that are hiding behind shyness, lack confidence in leadership roles and have never been a ‘take charge’ type of person. I want to take a moment to highlight those 3 areas because they are all areas that can be strengthened through focused training and one word we all should know well, ‘trying’. 

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If you have a fear of taking on leadership positions because you’re shy and unsure if you can lead others well, I have comforting news for you. According to an Indiana University Study on ‘Fighting Shyness‘ 40 – 43 percent of American culture struggle with shyness. Maybe it’s not on your goal list to be a CEO, Supervisor or to hold a position that deals with leading others but that doesn’t mean you can’t have those qualities. Leadership qualities are useful to have in every profession because it will help you learn how to improve your key qualities to master your professionalism.

Effective leadership begins from within. You have to have confidence that you can lead others in the right direction. If you feel you aren’t knowledgable in an area, now is the time to brush up on information to help build your expertise. By trying you’re putting effort into becoming the leader you were born to be. You have a purpose and believe it or not shedding that shyness and lack of confidence by doing what you’re afraid to do could lead you to what you’re meant to be doing (if you’re feeling unfulfilled that is. Be on the look out for a post on fulfillment in the work place coming soon!).

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If you have a desire to lead others, just keeping finding ways to push yourself to do it! Whatever it is that is making you feel as if you’re inadequate to lead others needs to be crumbled up like a piece a paper and tossed in the trash. Effective leadership derives from you knowing how to manage your own ideas and starting to believe that your perspective is valuable.

Quick JasTalk:

I have always been a very pro-active person. From a very young age I possessed good leadership qualities and always felt the need to have a ‘take charge action’ and make sure everyone felt included. You know that student in class that always volunteered to lead a class discussion and stepped in to delegate positions for others in group projects.. I was that girl as a student. This ‘take charge action’ drive is one quality that has carried over into my adult work life that has helped me in many areas. But I too, have experienced times I felt nervous about leading others.

How Leading Others isn't as Bad as You Think

This brings up the importance of knowing when and where is the appropriate time to be the one leading. Being able to have a shared view of control helps with leading others and in being led. It provides a base for understanding your role in various situations and leaves room for someone else to step outside of their comfort zone and lead. For example, I know that voluntarily speaking and delegating tasks in a group isn’t difficult for me, so instead of always being the person to do this, I can step back and let someone else who speaks less and hasn’t held a leadership role step up and lead.

Don’t think for a second that people aren’t interested in hearing what you have to say. Your ideas and perspective may add something impactful to help expand on a topic or idea.

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How as leading others been difficult for you? and what did you do to improve this area?

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