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4 Strategies to Declutter Your Email Inbox

Over the past 2 holidays I spent time decluttering my email. Seeing that 1k number of emails in an inbox is stressful. Can you relate? Decluttering your email isn’t fun but I think we can agree that it makes life a lot easier. I gathered a few ways to help you Declutter and manage your emails over the course of a day, week, weekend or on your next holiday break. 

  1. Schedule time to Declutter: By designating a time to Declutter your email you’re ensuring that it will get done. Take 5 to 15 minutes to delete emails daily. 
  2. Create folders: Folders are your friend! If you want to keep your emails organized, create new folders to store them. The tip is that you actually have to use them. They really make finding important information (new or old) easy to find.
  3. Unsubscribe to email lists: some email subscriptions to companies I love and others begin to become a bit much. Especially if your interests change. Unsubscribing to lists helps negate the process of emails just sitting in your inbox unopened.
  4. Separate emails by interest: Manu of us have multiple email addresses. Let’s take me for example… I have separate emails for my blog, personal mail, work and a back up account (thanks to iCloud). It’s important that what’s sent to these emails are kept separate. I know what to expect to be sent to each account.

What strategy will you use to declutter your email?