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3 All-Natural Berry Colored Lipsticks to Try

Left to Right: Aster, Dahlia, Iris


I love when I find lipstick colors that compliment my skin tone and provide long wear coverage throughout the day. These 3 colors are in the berry family and are vegan, plant based and all natural lip products. 

The featured colors work well for transitioning between seasons or even adding a little pop of excitement to your day. They compliment a variety of skin tones and as a women of color I must say these colors are incredibly pigmented and add even more brightness to my completed makeup look when applied.

You can shop each featured lipstick here:

Aster Smoothed Over Lipstick

Dahlia Smoothed Over Lipstick

Iris Smoothed Over Lipstick

Shop these Smoothed Over Lipsticks individually by the links above or visit my website to see other all-natural, vegan and plant based products http://www.JasmineClarke.Arbonne.com.

Which color would you wear?

My Day at #blogSPACE New York + Tote Bag FREEBIES

BLOGSPACE 6 _ THEJASTALKThere’s no better feeling than to have your outfit picked out and bag packed ready to storm the streets of NYC. That was me preparing for my trip into the city for #blogSPACE New York. First off, Mattie is thebomb.com. If you’ve watched her via her webinars, Periscope or listened to her podcast then you should already know she is a genuine spirit that’s about her business and gives it to you straight… NO CHASER! It was truly a pleasure to meet and learn from someone that is doing MAJOR things in the blogging world.

Okay, back to the post, so what is #blogSPACE you ask? So glad you asked because I have great things to share about it. It’s a 4-hour workshop created by Digital Influencer, Mattie James of Mattieologie.com. The workshop is broken up into two parts. The first portion is on scheduling your blog with a 9-5 and the second is on blog monetization (more information on future locations is available via Mattieologie). (more…)