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Why You Need a Skincare Regimen

If you asked me about 2 years ago: do you have a skincare regimen I would have told you that soap and water or sometimes just water was it for me. I also would have took it a step further and told you about the department store or drugstore cleansers I’d used. Now that i’m more knowledgable about skincare and my personal skincare needs I will tell you that the old soap and water combination is not enough. It may be cost effective but if you want healthy skin that looks radiant and maintains youthfulness it requires a consistent skincare routine with good skincare products.

Here are 2 things that will help to start you on your way to a skincare regimen that works for you:

  1. Identify your skin type and it’s needs
  2. Research brands for your skin type

Each skin type (Normal, dry, oil, combination to oily) requires needs and developing a skincare regimen will enhance your the appearance and health of your skin.

See my night time skincare routine video here.

BB Creams vs. CC creams + Which 1 I Prefer

If you read my recent post on my current go-to foundation then you had a peek into my obsession with bb (beauty balm) creams. I’ve received this question a lot and thought I’d answer it here.

What are bb creams and how do they differ from CC creams?

BB (beauty/blemish balm) creams are light/sheer coverage tinted moisturizers. They differ from CC (color correcting) creams because they (more…)

My Spring 2017 Wishlist

If you haven’t noticed already my spring wish list is post on the top of my website. I like the feature of having top pick items for this season there. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below if you like it. The feature gives you the option to shop the items by clicking it.

For the most part my spring wish list has some fun items with colors and transitional pieces of course (because you know I love transitional pieces to bring from season to season) and some fun shoes that work well with both day and night outfits.

You can view the full list below:


What is on your spring wish list for 2017?

Rose Gold Everything… because I’m completely obsessed and you should be too!

Rose Gold is one of my new favorite colors. My iPhone is rose gold, my phone case is rose gold, I recently picked up a rose gold watch and there’s so more things that I’m planning to add to my growing rose gold family. The color is that lovely midpoint between bronze and gold with an touch of glam. Perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Here are list of rose gold items for your shopping pleasures:

What/s your favorite rose gold item listed?

My Current Go-To Foundation

I have never been enthusiastic about foundation. The process of finding the right shade to match my skin tone in stores has left me staring at shelves for far longer than i’d like to admit and sometimes finding the perfect match has meant mixing two different colors. My solution (more…)

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