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My Current Go-To Foundation

I have never been enthusiastic about foundation. The process of finding the right shade to match my skin tone in stores has left me staring at shelves for far longer than i’d like to admit and sometimes finding the perfect match has meant mixing two different colors. My solution (more…)

My New Beauty Secret

Maintaining my youthful skin and radiant glow are two things that are important to me. Along with my new skincare regimen I have added a new device that I can’t get enough of. My favorite is (more…)

3 All-Natural Berry Colored Lipsticks to Try

Left to Right: Aster, Dahlia, Iris


I love when I find lipstick colors that compliment my skin tone and provide long wear coverage throughout the day. These 3 colors are in the berry family and are vegan, plant based and all natural lip products. 

The featured colors work well for transitioning between seasons or even adding a little pop of excitement to your day. They compliment a variety of skin tones and as a women of color I must say these colors are incredibly pigmented and add even more brightness to my completed makeup look when applied.

You can shop each featured lipstick here:

Aster Smoothed Over Lipstick

Dahlia Smoothed Over Lipstick

Iris Smoothed Over Lipstick

Shop these Smoothed Over Lipsticks individually by the links above or visit my website to see other all-natural, vegan and plant based products http://www.JasmineClarke.Arbonne.com.

Which color would you wear?

Talk About it: 3 New E.L.F. Cosmetic Flavored Exfoliators


E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator in Clear and other featured products from this company.

E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics has been one of my favorite drug store brands for some time now. The items produced from this line are inexpensive and work as great dupes for many high-end products.

When I wear matte lipsticks/glosses (which is often) I love to use E.L.F.’s exfoliator lipstick in Clear. It has a sweet taste and the line also features more flavors: Sweet Cherry and Mint Maniac for $3. This lip exfoliator been a beauty staple I use to keep my lips smooth and moisturized. It also gives my matte lip looks a flawless finish.

Check out these 3 NEW exfoliator lipstick flavors in Pink Grapefruit, Rose and Coconut here.

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How to Find the Perfect Red Lipstick

Profile with Russian Red | TheJasTalk

Wearing Russian Red without lip liner.

Finding the right red lipstick can be a challenge. It’s either too bright, too dull or just not the “golden ticket at all in some cases due to my undertones. I usually have at least 1 staple lipstick as my 3 everyday makeup essentials, so when I find one I love, I stick with it. Especially, this one and the other two colors featured in this post.

I have to admit that formula and consistency matters too. I tend to pick up matte lipsticks because I love long wear cosmetics but creamy consistencies are never far from my reach. If you’re into mattes like me, try Mac’s Russian Red (see it live here). Russian Red never lets me down when I want a nice vibrant pop.

Don’t know if you’re warm or cool toned? Take this undertone quiz from PopSugar (my results confirmed I’m warm toned).

Identifying your undertone will help make finding the perfect red lipsticks and other colors easier for you.
img_8005 Revlon ColorBurst is a line that I first fell in love with my senior year in undergrad. Standout (number 250) is a keeper. The product is a matte balm that spreads very easily, has a much creamier consistency compared to Mac’s Russian Red and works best with a liner. My suggestion is to use Revlon’s Cherry liner. Using a lip liner will keep lipstick all in one place and create a longer wear time.

Shop my favorite red lipsticks by clicking the images below.

Are you cool or warm toned? Figure this out and your makeup and clothes matching problems will be life-changing.

DIY Calming Rose Facial Mask


It’s no secret that roses are beautiful but did you know that they can help enhance your beauty too? There are many benefits to using roses as they are moisturizing, naturally fragranced, an anti-inflammatory and can tone and cleanse your skin. (more…)

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