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About TheJasTalk…

I started blogging about style and beauty in 2013 and loved the idea of being able to share all of my favorite things with the world while helping and inspiring young women through my platform. I took time off and decided to relaunch under a new name in 2016.

The JasTalk is a digital resource for millennial women who strive to talk, look and feel confident through beauty, style and empowerment.

You can expect to find style posts, the latest and greatest of beauty and fashion finds, how to videos and news about blog related events.

I also really love tea (peppermint and vanilla chai to be exact), talking to people (hence my blog name) and sharing encouraging content. So you can expect a few lifestyle inspired posts as well. If you can relate, you must subscribe to my monthly e-letter, The Talk List.

More about Jasmine…

Jasmine modeled on the Wendy Williams shows in 2010 and was influenced to learn more ways to dress her curves as a young woman. After being recognized in 2013 in the 914 Women in Business Inc. Magazine for her “blogging expertise,” Jasmine has used her writing and creative skills to build her blog and brand, The JasTalk. She has interned with a numerous amount of companies within media, marketing and the brand management industry. Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications: Journalism and has interviewed Marcia Ganem, renowned Brazilian Fashion Designer, Mikki Taylor, Author and Editor-at-Large of Essence Magazine and more!

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