4 Good Habits to Form

White sheer curtains letting sunlight sparkle through, the birds are chirping and and fluffy slippers are waiting for you at your bedside. (Insert Pinterest photo here). Hopefully you picture a beautiful space but IRL off Pinterest waking up to sunshine, in overly fluffed bedding and a peaceful space is my ideal way to wake up. Unfortunately you and I both know that every morning won’t always look like this but forming good habits can help to change your perspective.
Good Morning Habits to Form
1. Make Morning affirmations

Fuel yourself up with positive thoughts. I like to drink tea in the morning and write a few affirmations for myself for the day/week.
2. Prep and Postion

The easiest way to ensure a smooth morning is to have your clothes, lunch, etc prepped and positoned. This makes the grab and go method your best friend and saves you time.
3. Workout/ Dance

If you’re saying there’s no way I can workout in the morning then maybe try dancing. Put on some music you love and get moving. You’ll be pumped for the work day and you may even get out the house faster or not!
4. Journal

I am a journal enthusiast because I love writing! Duh! But even for those who hate it, take a few moment to start your day by writing down how you feel or a few goals you want to accomplish for the day can definitively change the flow of your next 24 hours.
What good morning habits would you add to this list?