20 Questions with Best Selling Author and Queen Boss TV Personality, Lucinda Cross

As seen on the television show, Queen Boss, BET, ABC, NBC,CNN, The TODAY Show, Black Enterprise and the Founder of the Activate Conference, Lucinda has shown women what it means to put their goals, dreams and aspirations in the front row of their lives. As a best selling author and TEDx speaker, Lucinda has shown the world through visual activity and motivational speaking how creating a vision board can activate your drive to make what you really want your reality. Lucinda shares 20 questions for JasTalk readers (and a few of her beauty favorites, I couldn’t leave those out). 

  1. Define your personal style? Attention to details. Vulnerable. Randomly Detailed. I love clothes that have edge, mixed materials and details on it. Buttons and zippers, lace and fringe, holes and prints.
  2. What has influenced your personal style? Beauty Mark line of clothing by  
  3. Red Lipstick or a neutral lipstick? Red all day
  4. What is a color that when worn makes you feel empowered? white
  5. How do you incorporate style into your career field? By bringing the edge to the stage, most people look conservative on stage as public speakers. My message is vulnerable and so is my style. My clothing is not something you will find in your department store and my message is not one you will find in a YouTube motivational message.
  6. How do you believe personal style can relate to self-confidence? When you have your personal style, it allows you to be comfortable in embracing all of you. Your self-confidence is boosted because it is all about you. Your walk, your talk, your smell, your dress, your energy. It is your vibe and allows you to be unapologetic.
  7. What does professionalism mean to you? Speaking your truth and standing in your power.
  8. In your opinion what matters most when it comes to first impressions? Your smile, your verbal greeting and your shoes
  9. In your opinion what is an ideal look for a young woman preparing for an interview? Anything bright and colorful. Most people interview in black and blue. I believe the colors lighten the mood and provides a sense of confidence.

10.What’s your favorite accessory to enhance an everyday style look? Bracelets

11.Top 5 beauty products?

Pink Pearl Naturals mango oil

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

The Mane Choice Shampoo and Conditioner

MAC Oh Baby lip gloss

12. As a teacher of personal and professional development what are 3 valuable takeaways you strive to provide for your clients?

1. Clarity with their message and story.

2. To go from procrastination to ridiculous action and implementation towards their goals.

3. A clear vision and plan that gives them the opportunity to earn more

13. Your book The Art of Activation provides action steps for women in relationships, business, wellness and more. What inspired you to write this book and feature visionary women?

Many women have a story to tell and I wanted the women who were featured to share their story from a place of power, to use their life experience as a teaching tool to equip another woman to activate against the odds.

14. What advice can you give young women about establishing and maintaining relationships? (personally, and professionally)?

Relationships are key and when you begin to work on connecting versus competing you will reach new levels of success. If a relationship is no longer fueling you, inspiring to be more or draining you. Let it go! Run! I see many women give their all to a relationship personal and professional that is not fueling them and they ignore the ones that do. Also keep in mind that no one is obligated to support your dreams, ideas or make you happy. We need to have established that relationship with self-first. Be the first investor, supporter and believer in self-first before we project those obligations on others.

15. How do you maintain relationships while continuing to grow both professionally and personally?

My focus is my family. I make sure I don’t over promise. I say no when I don’t want to do something or go someplace. I make sure my husband gets the attention he needs just as much as I fuel my business and nurture my business relationships I make sure my husband is getting the best of me as well. My kids get the best of their mom. I try to stay 100% present with them. I have 3 children and I have date nights with them separate and with them all together. I nurture my relationships by being present. When hubby comes home, I am not on the phone chopping it up, I am all up in his space, loving on him.

16. What was one of your biggest achievements as a women entrepreneur? Getting the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama.

17. What keeps you motivated and focused?

Remembering that I don’t like to be broke and poor. I like to do what I want, when I want and I know what rock bottom is like so that pushes me every day to go above and beyond to stay away from the land of not enough or just enough.

18. Creating vision boards is a visual activity that you highly encourage. How can young women use this to their advantage when starting or re-starting their professional journey?

I highly recommend it for anyone seeking more in life and not sure how to get there or what to do next. As a professional woman, this activity will guide them to see beyond the cubicle, beyond the startup phase in their business. It will give them the freedom to write the vision, craft it out freely and get to live in that space on paper as they work towards each goal. Setting goals is easy but accomplishing them is the challenge. Vision boards help you accomplish them and see a solution in the challenges life presents us.

19. What would words of advice would you give to your 18-year-old self now? Travel more, say “no” more, be grateful.

20. Where can women interested in working with you and/or attending your events find you? http://www.lucindacross.com and my conference is http://www.activateconference.com

My favorite social media space is Instagram so follow me there @Lucinda cross