7 Tips to Secure a Job After Graduating College


Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all walk off the stage with our diploma in hand and a job waiting for us in the ‘adult working world’? Well it’s possible if you do the work! And I’m sure of this because it happened for me. I want you to walk a cross the stage on your day of commencement both incredibly happy and employed. I hope the 7 tips included in this post help you complete this goal.

Let me start by saying it wasn’t luck that got me the job. Just like anyone else I had to apply and show that I was capable of doing the tasks the job required. What got my foot in the door was my faith, my work ethic and my interview skills. I talk more about this in 5 Ways to Nail Your Next Job Interview. There’s a FREE printable guide that I think you’ll love included. Be sure to check it out!


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